Thread/Matter Support

i asked myself if TinyCLR OS will support the Thread network protocol in the near future?

and found this more than 2 years old forum discussion

this is still the last word in wisdom?

seems meanwhile supported from all smart home and iot big players

I see a lot of talks about thread but haven’t seen it used by any of our customers.

we decided to go with esp32+nano framework for our mcu/wireless based devices and RPi CM4 core for more powerful options. turned out to be a good bet. esp32 now supports thread natively with the h2 chips

Something to watch for is Wi-Fi HaLow looks very promising.

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if it is not supported you cant use it, may be time for additional customers? just thinking

You can check for managed OpenThread library for nF and .Net Core.
But as mentioned above, there is upcoming esp-idf version 4.4 with native support of Thread protocol for single and two chip solutions.