This looks promising

I think I just found my new module to make.

Looks interesting - 4 week away from mouser :frowning:

interesting, but a bit expensive don’t you think?

$9 each for 1000 order, plus the cost of the pcb, then you are looking at $35 to $40 easy…for cost…

How would you make it cheaper?

I was hopping for that breakthrough wifi chip to be released for $1 that’s all …

but yah comparing to what’s out there it definitely is cheaper by far :wink:


OK, we are on the same page then :slight_smile:

Note that this one can’t be soldered with an iron. The pads are underneath, like BGA. You’ll need an oven, a hot plate, or maybe hot air. Very nice part, though.

I still think that USB host plus one of those ~$4 USB WiFi adapters would be awesome for anything that doesn’t run on batteries.

I actually ordered the eval module for this last week… :wink:

OK I’m very interested. I just about spit my drink out when I heard her say that their ZigBee solution didn’t require designers to learn the complexities of the ZigBee stack as the first thought that went through my mind was maybe they should send some of those to ZigBee as I’m pretty sure they don’t know all the complexities they created in their stack. Otherwise I think this is another indication that IoT is beginning to happen and its going to get rather exciting as the hardware starts to do what it always wanted to do as developers enter the field to do amazing things with amazing hardware which has been dying for developers to get involved. Its going to be a win for everyone.