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This is fast!


Enjoy :slight_smile:


:o Nice !!!


I want one of those!

But with netmf :-[


And for 4x4and 5x5 cubes as well.


Cool!! I would like to be able to make stuff like that. I need to start to work on things like that. I love Legos. :slight_smile:


We do have the NXT kit at the office Aron, make us one of these robots :wink:


Looks like it needs more than one


I have a pretty giant pile of LEGOs I’ve been collecting since I was a wee lad (including an original Mindstorms kit), but I’ve got nowhere near what I’d need to produce that behemoth.

I’d love to put something like a pick-and-place machine together:


…and for those without the patience to do lego builds:

There’s a lego CNC machine out there too, though it only does stuff like floral foam.


Hahahaha a lego “3d” printer!
Cool for those too lazy to build something for weeks, lol. :smiley:


Hmmm… Isn’t that why we use microprocessors and NETMF? :wink: