This is a disaster

tried using emulation:

Also, I cannot actually upload to my domino,
VS 2010 Pro gives me this message:

Just so I can get the error message, I continued:

Everything that I have gone through, after initial install, due to reading the forums:

Clean whipe of VS installs, MF installs, and GHI installs from computer.
Reinstalled everything in order.
Brought up terminal software, whiped flash, and reinstalled framework.
Reboot again.
I am still at the point where I have spent $200 on parts that are working as dust collectors. (Please excuse that passive agressive statement. I am the type of person who has ran his sword through laptops, in closed position, when they disobe.)

My system:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Quad Core

Subnote: Your forums text editor seem to really hate IE9.

We got this issue resolved in the chat. Some weird issues with his AV software…

Welcome to chat tech support Chris 8)

Glad you got everything squared away Slayer

Won’t you be so kind as to show up in the chat, Skew? :smiley:

Thanks for helping Chris

Though I credit Chris for being there, and helpful, it was the fact that AVs have messed me up so many times in the past that I had to try the install with it off.

OTOH: I also credit Chis for clearing up my misconception with the emulator. I am thinking of making a video of my out of the box experience for new users too.

All in all, a blinking LED app is solid proof a working. Thx Chris.