This ALMOST makes me wish I lived somewhere this cold


Very cool. :slight_smile:

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Suddenly it is warm in Michigan :slight_smile:

Brrrr! I bet you won’t see any videos of him making yellow clouds… :wink:

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Once upon a time, I had a consulting contract in Minnesota during the winter. One morning, after a freezing rain storm, I tried to use hot water to melt the ice off the car door locks. It was so cold, that by the time the water hit the ground it was frozen. The plastic mirror was so cold, that lightly tapping it caused it to shatter.

I went to school in upstate New York. -32 was a common morning temperature. I used to have to walk a mile to the classrooms. Going over a running river I had to be careful not to breath to deeply or my nose would freeze closed.

I feel sorry for Gus in Michigan, especially when I am in Florida. :slight_smile:

This reminds me of the book “No Shortcuts to the Top” about Ed Viesturs. One of his stories is about climbing to the top of Mt. Everest when it was -40 (C or F? can’t remember…). When they got to the top, one of the climbers took off one of his gloves just long enough to take a picture. He ended up losing his fingers to frostbite. It’s been years since I read that book but I always remember that visual.

Funny, I am from Novosibirsk (the city in the video). I don’t miss that cold at all. :slight_smile:

What is he complaining about, at least it was still a liquid when it came out of the pot. If one of those poor bastards that live in Winnipeg tried this, all that would come out of that pot would be a solid block of ice. Hence why curling is popular in Canada, get a bunch of empty ice cream buckets, fill them full of water, put a stick in them, take them outside, wait a couple of minutes in and you have curling stones which should last until the June thaw.

I thought it was the Molsons & LaBatts :slight_smile: