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They see me rollin'


They hatin’

FEZ King.

Can I please have my own avatar now? EDIT: Thanks :slight_smile:


You needin’ a Court Jester, ur kingsh1p?




Shades? Pimp cup?


I actually half expected Josh to run that photo through Blingee or something…


Congratulations, Chris :clap:

What did happen with your points during this morning ? See picture.


Where is MarkH, then ? :think: Not a good name for a King ?


^^^^^ Mark and I thought it would be funny to randomly switch our names around. What I didn’t account for was the fact that someone stole my original name ,“Chris”, so now I am “upside down Chris”.

That’s probably why Mark and I can’t have nice things…

As for the points, it was a backend error. I had made King long before that photo was taken, they just didn’t recalculate my points till now.


That’s quite funny. Indeed. :whistle:


Hmmm, suddenly Mark is down to Bec A Fuel’s post count… Now how did that happen? :think:


[accent=heavyfrench]Ah well, since the frenchman has stolen may name, i shall have to go nameless[/accent]


Hi Mark. I was wondering when you’d show up.

Nice new name.


I’m going to bed, goodnight. I like my new name. It breaks the ranks/users page columns :smiley:


Well… I don’t recognize me anymore :frowning: I take my original name back… :wink:


Well, remember kiddies, if it can be used, Mark and Chris can find a way to abuse it. ::slight_smile:


Ah well, since the australian has stolen may name, i shall have to go nameless.


For a second there, I was really confused.

EDIT: He’s Australian, not French, get it right Josh. ::slight_smile:


Oh my god :smiley:
At least no French men stole my name :smiley: