They are arrived!

After more than a month to do 150 km, a package is arrived at home:

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What does it do?

click to gadgeteer or gadgeteer to click ?

looks like microbus slot/converter for gadgeter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

oh wow!! That is awesome! I need a couple of these. I still have a lot gadgeteer moduels :sunglasses:

Are you starting a repo for gadgeteer with TinyCLR 2.0?

Hehe … Perhaps ?

Actually, the MikroBUS.Net Team did these a long time ago. One for each type of Gadgetter socket. I’m sure that I have several hundred of these around here somewhere.


They did not send me any so they do not count :slight_smile:

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I can take some :smiley:

Send your mailing address to and I’ll send you some.

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Look what I have. Thanks @scardinale


5 years ago, almost day for day (5/12/15) :

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If memory serves me correctly, GHI manufactured these boards for MikroBUS.Net

Does that mean that they didn’t keep some samples ? :open_mouth:
It is beyond honesty :wink:

I do not remember at all