These wire joiners are genius





Brilliant. I tip my hat to the inventor.

I like these IDC ones better : E-Clamp Quick Wire Connector - YouTube

@ Pete - Very nice stuff, thanks for the links …

Interesting, I can think of a few cases where these would be useful. My first thought, however, is that someone who needs to join wires together also needs to learn to solder.


Although I’ve never used this particular type of joiner I thought this type of system has been available for years. Many years ago we were using sleeves made by Raychem for braided cables which used this system to give you a flying lead soldered onto the braid. It made for a very tidy termination.

Many years ago when I was joining wires for a living, we used scotchlocks for small gauge wire.


Where these differ from past approaches is:

  • Built in solder bead
  • Built in hot glue to physically join both wire jackets
  • Built in heat shrink.

End result is waterproof, even.

We all know how to solder. I dislike joining wires, though, because it’s fiddly. These look nice and quick.

I could have used these when I was building the raspberry pi demo for our Build tour. I had to join a lot of kitchen LED lamps to longer wires to make them something you could hold up on stage. It wasn’t hard, it was just time consuming.


I like these for crimp-style: (cheap, easy, small, and gel-filled)

We discussed NASA’s standard for splicing wire long ago here:

I like these, though. Very slick. Quite reasonably priced, too.

@ Pete Brown - WANT!!!


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I know how to solder, and I want these b/c there are many times when I don’t want to mess with my iron and solder. And as Pete points out, the fact that the resulting joint is waterproof is a nice bonus.