These guys are up to something

I spotted Steven and James doing something gadgeteerish! Should I be worried? :slight_smile: I must say a 7" capacitive screen looks pretty good inside the vehicle :wink:

Looks like they are also doing something OBDCish.

Is there an audio cable going to the stereo from the FEZ?


Depends on who that vehicle belongs too. :wink:

Yes you should, look at these guy’s (in dutch but i think you get it…)

What is that string of modules across the top of the blue box?

LED 7C. I think

or DaisyLinked led modules? Most likely DL Leds

It looks like those modules have at least two (maybe three) LEDs on each module. If they’re actually just LEDs…

I think they are the bolt heads on either side of the LEDs.

Ah… You are right. The shiny bolts through me off :wink: