Thermometer (3-pin e-block) powered with 3.3 volts. Possible?


I’m a newbie. I have a fez domino + fez connect shield + 3-pin thermometer

The thermometer is connected to An2 on the fez connect shield. The thermometer works fine with power 5 volt. But if I move the jumper to power the connectors An2 and An3 with 3.3 volt, the termometer gives me wrong temperature.

An example: with 5 volts gives me 22 Celsius (ok). With 3.3 voltes give me 9 Celsius (wrong). Is there a way to adjust it? In the driver I found:
adc = new AnalogIn((AnalogIn.Pin)pin);
adc.SetLinearScale(-22, 56);
Can I adjust it changing the two values? What are the right values for 3,3 volt?

Thank you very much


Which jumper are you referring too?

Yes if you use 3.3V then you have to change the drivers. We do not have the values, this i for you to experiment with :slight_smile:

@ Gus: any suggestion on how to get the right values? What steps can I do to get them? thank you

The easiest way is to scale it down (5/3.3)*value? I just woke up and can’t think math just yet :slight_smile: