Thermoelectric Thursday ®

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So Helium is a STM32F??? + Something else on the other end of that board. I will make a guess and say it’s the F411 chip.

That means there is a Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Titanium board too. Or plans for them.

The elements increase in weight, so maybe that could mean different power consumption. If that’s the case then lets hope the Titanium is an F7 chip.

Thermoelectric - I would guess that it has some form of Seebeck effect energy harvesting, but I don’t think there would be enough space on the other side of the board.

the fishing expedition has started. Strongly I might add !

Did you intentionally take that picture upside down? That device says molex? What could it be?

@ Mr. John Smith - That’s a serial PHY


My guess is some sort of modular sensors that all share a common communications chip, so they can form a network (or a “molecule”) like some love child of bluetooth and zigbee meshes.

Either that, or some modules that can alter the fundamental structure of elements and reconfigure the universe itself.

@ mtylerjr - How about a device that uses a black hole as a communication medium?

Do NOT give @ Justin any ideas…he’s just the kind of person to try it. :naughty:

@ devhammer -

Okay, but wouldn’t it be cool to receive a transmission before it was sent?

Justin gave me some advance information: The IC close to the connector is a brand new quantum entanglement communication processor. You don’t get the HTTP/2 response before you’ve sent the request, but after exactly zero seconds delay. Part of a stealth joint NASA / Microsoft Research project for avoiding the awkward lightspeed delays that plague the Internet of Planets.


Now we can turn on LEDs in other rooms without any millisecond delay! What an innovation! :smiley: