Thermocouple Module - socketNumber

I need a socketNumber to use the thermocoupler.

        public static void Main()
            short c;
            Thermocouple SensorA = new Thermocouple(xxx);    <---------------

            while (true)
                c = SensorA.GetExternalTemp_Celsius();

                Debug.Print("C: " + c);

I don’t know what to write in here instead of the “xxx”.
I am using a G120HDR board. I have coupled the module on the SPI stick on the board. It says that I have to use an “int socketNumber”. But how can I find the socketNumber?

create a Gadgeteer app not a standard app. Make sure you have this

Then in the designer, drag the connection from the TC module to the mainboard.


you can get the driver code and modify it away from using sockets and just use pins

But how can I drag the connection from the thermocoulpe module to med mainboard in the designer? Any code example?

Have you ever created a Gadgeteer app ? It’s a visual designer, so it’s really easy :slight_smile: :smiley:

I’m totally new at this, so no :smiley:
So it would be very nice to see a example of this.

Okay that was a little easy… I found it at this page:

But I have never used that before. I have always used code for my stuff :slight_smile:

But then I have a new question… There are no G120HDR board to choose. So I used the FEZcobra2 because the G120 module was in that. It worked fine. But how can I get the G120HDR board to choose? (just to projects in the future)

@ Joakimj -

Watch this as I build a pulse oximeter with Gadgeteer

Gadgeteer makes it easy (easier then posting a video using your cell phone :slight_smile: )

yes, exactly as I pointed to a number of replies ago…

But you didn’t say it loud enough. :stuck_out_tongue: