Thermistor FezUtility Analog Input

I have the following Thermistor wiring to my FezUtility hat:

I will like to use the Steinhart-Hart Thermistor equation with the following coefficient data:
Non-Linear Thermistor Model: LC150918 | 47KΩ

Resistant at (Frozen Water) 32 °F : 155.1 KΩ
Resistant at (Boiling Water) 200 °F : 3.8 KΩ
Resistant at (Room Temperature ) 82°F : 47.0 KΩ

And the Calculated Steinhart-Hart model coefficients are:
A: 0.0010138221729859482
B: 0.00019584092277459195
C: 1.79534047804479e-7

The only formula I have found so far is in C Language like this:

1 / (0.0010138221729859482 + 0.00019584092277459195 * logR + 1.79534047804479e-7 * logR * logR * logR)

Right now I’m not quite sure how to convert this C into C# and combine it with:
which returns only 0.0 to 1.0

Can someone please share some knowledge as to how I can get the correct temperature °F value from this analog point? Can you share some C# code that will alow the use of the Steinhart-Hart equation?


Sorry for the mistake, it should have been:

//Hardware Thermistor inside the Cooker
analogPinA1RawValue = (float)fezUtility.ReadAnalog(GIS.FEZUtility.AnalogPin.A1);

@ Cristaleja -

Would this help?

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