There's no ".NET Gadgeteer Application"

I have VS2012 Express, NETMF SDK 4.3 (RTM) and NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3 installed. However, I don’t have an option of .NET Gadgeteer Application when I start a new project within VS. There is only Micro Framework.
What should I do to fix that?

It’s in an separate category.

I know, but I don’t have that category at all as you can see:

@ iamin - Do you by chance happen to have multiple instances of VS installed on your computer?

@ iamin

This similar thing happened to me just recently when I installed everything in the correct order. There must have been some kind of glitch during Windows setting of the registers. I uninstalled the GHI SDK and then re installed it and then I had the proper project options. Try to re install the GHI SDK as the Gadgeteer Core is part of the install. Perhaps just uninstall the Gadgeteer Core and then rerun the GHI SDK installer and just select the Core to see if that helps.

I originally had VS2013 and VS2012 installed, but I was not getting that .NET Gadgeteer Application option. Then I have uninstalled everything (VS2013, VS2012, NETMF SDK and Gadgeteer Package) and did a fresh install of VS2012 + all the other packages. But I am still not getting that option.

What OS are you using?

Win7, 64bit.

One of your last posts indicates that you uninstalled everything and then re installed them all. Try this to see if this will work. Uninstall only the GHI SDK and then re install it. Make sure that VS is closed during the entire uninstall/re install process.