There is no GPS Module in VS! and Is The Example Code Still Coming Soon?

Hi all,

I have Cerbuino Bee, and I got the GPS module here:

I didn’t find GPS module in the toolbox of VS in Gadgeteer project!

I worked before with a GPS module using UART and NMEA protocol, but this time I don’t know :S it seems that I got a black box

I mean I didn’t find any information in the website showing which pin is going to where!

Any help pls

Make sure you have latest SDK and drivers. I have just updated to latest on my laptop. It is there :

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Are you trying use the module with a non Gadgeteer hardware? Otherwise just match socket labels.

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@ Architect
Nice, I think you are right it was because of not installing (Seeed NET Gadgeteer SDK v4.2)
So is there any example code now or not yet?

@ andre.marschalek
nice, that helps a lot, and I recommend to share this link in the product webpage :slight_smile:

Thnx Gents…

Take a look at this codeshare:

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