The ultimate wireless module

This is what we need on a module

It includes: Wi-Fi, BT 2.1+EDR, BT 3.0, BT 4.0, and ZigBee need to say more? :slight_smile:

Who is going to make us one?


ooooo only $6 in 100,000’s - group order? :smiley:

Very cool!

Is it sad that I got excited more over the fact that it is n-band wireless, rather than all of the other stuff it comes with?

@ James - lol

This chip is full of win

Yeah, we just need another 99,000 geeks to go in with us, and we’re all set… :wink:

Sign me up for 10!

At $6 it would be silly not to build this onto every mainboard! So much for that TI chip I ordered…

99999 to be exact. :smiley:

should we send an order to redpine?

Hell, yea! $25 Wifi + Zigbee module?

Lets first have RS9110 working smoothly :wink:

@ RobvanSchelven -

Late but…

Lets first have RS9110 working smoothly :wink:

Good down to earth reply!

Does this thing have a real Zigbee stack?
I see they say Zigbee certified, but they don’t mention what zigbee !

Of course I’m not a huge fan of Zigbee anyway, so just an .15.4 stack would be great in my book :slight_smile: