The time has come, we are MOVING!

The day have finally arrived, we are beginning our move to the new building. We are going to upload some pictures of the moving of the machines which started about 7am EST our time. This first picture is of me “supervising” while drinking a cup of coffee while Mike did the actual work, but don’t judge me as someone has to sit the chair watching! 8) This picture will be followed by several more in next few minutes so stay tuned.

Here is the second round of photos!

more photos! ;D That’s it for now, we will upload more through out the course of the day.

And to make things exciting, it started storming and raining on our $$$$$ production line. Lovely! Thanks Michigan! :wall:

Argh, my neck! :slight_smile:

Hope you do have enough shrink wrap to go around… honestly hope that the rain stops.

We were actually able to move the machines before the rain but now it’s shelves and boxes and alot of frowns around GHI because of the rain!

@ Mr. John Smith - The odd thing is on my phone and photoshop, the orientation is correct, something about the upload changes the orientation.

@ andre.m - sounds good to me, that’s the story I will stick with! :whistle:

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So… How long till you move again?

Once they’ve finished unpacking the next shift will come in and pack back up so they can more again. :wink:

@ Simon from Vilnius - Do you have any open space?

Don’t spoil the surprise, no one else in the company knows about that plan! 8)

@ Gary - 4 acres of beautiful pine forest. I think I could sacrifice a few pines to make space for your developers. Would be wayyyy better than your cubicles :slight_smile:

@ Simon from Vilnius - Sounds good to me, here we come! :open_mouth:

its amazing how you forklifts can travel up walls…wow!

we are almost all moved in, I will post a time lapse video of the production line being setup at some point today.

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How are you guys doing with the storm recovery?

It has been pain, no power and with generator we lose the internet! Amazing how much we rely on the internet!

I believe that internet should be a utility, like water and telephone.