The @terrance Tease™



@ Justin - Nope, not falling for it. Nice try bub.

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@ Justin - I’m falling for it, hyperventilating :clap:
Going out to my mailbox now…

@ terrence - oooo look…its Friday down under :smiley:


@ Justin - That is my kind of antenna. Now show a little more on that board. :clap:

edit: or at least the long one laying down. The other one looks pretty exotic. Some sort of interstellar antenna device?
walking back down to the mailbox…

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hope you’re not at the mailbox waiting :slight_smile:

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@ Brett - What? I can’t hear you down here next to the road. [tapping foot]



@ Justin - Oh ya. Getting closer. When will you start gluing chips down?

@ terrence - you mean these bad boys?

@ terrence - it works :slight_smile:

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@ Justin - That’s exactly what I mean. Finally got some in stock.

@ Justin - Can you post some code so I can start looking at it?

@ Justin - Whoaaa… this is what I looking for, droollll…
Do you make Lora module for gadgeteer ?
another alternative I can buy LR Click | Mikroe and quail board…

@ mifmasterz - :wink:

Forgive my ignorance of LoRa as I ask this question.

Can these devices support peer-to-peer or star networks? Or, does it require a higher level gateway to tie them all together?

@ skeller - Full LoRa requires a gateway but the devices also support p2p which is how i am using them at the moment.

@ Justin - from the looks of it, I can’t see another chip on the LoRa board. The mDot has an Arm M4, and soon will have an M0 cortex for business logic. Does your board have a chip on it or will we have to use it in conjunction with another ghi chip?

Also, what about a battery hookup?

I need remote solutions for :
temp, humidity, pressure, battery, logic => LoRa to Azure.
PIR, battery, logic => LoRa to Azure.

@ Terrence - You are indeed correct, this board is Gadgeteer so needs to be plugged into a Gadgeteer mainboard.

But fear not my young Padawan for the other LoRa board i have will turn you into a giggling school girl :wink:

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@ Justin - [quote]
But fear not my young Padawan for the other LoRa board i have will turn you into a giggling school girl [/quote]

Bring it on. Now if we can just get MicroChip to deliver 915s.