The suprise?

Gus (I think) said hold onto your coupon for couple weeks until some other GHI suprise. Did I miss it, or are we still waiting to see what it is?

The Panda II

Well Panda II is the one thing they’ve done sneak peeks of over on FB plus a twitter post or two; but who knows, that’s could be only the tip of the iceberg :slight_smile:

Going to EW in Germany is keeping us very busy.

I am holding on my coupon for sure :wink:

Does Panda II mean a dual-core bear?

Looks like the same USBizi 100 in the panda… :wink:

Guys, it’s definetly worth waiting. Panda was great. And this is an upgrade. As what I saw it will be very soon.


I think its gonna have an Ethernet port on it.

I have one sitting on my desk right this minute, 6 inches in front of my keyboard… :o

Hmm, my problem waiting for the surprise is tha that the 3.6" lcds, that is 1/3 price, might be sold out by then… What should I do? :slight_smile:

My fez boards are in a safe :-[

I normally keep my dev boards in ESD safe storage, but I usually keep at least a few of them around my keyboard in case I want to test an idea really quick without digging around through layers of conductive foam…

Will our 30 days run out before this surprise?

If so I’ll just get a couple of original panda’s…

Cheers Ian

My guess was, the surprise will be reveal at the Embedded World in Germany!
So, Ian, you better hold on for a few more days!

If that’s the case we can extend your coupon.
(But I highly doubt that the “surprise” won’t come out by then) :wink:

[quote](But I highly doubt that the “surprise” won’t come out by then)
estimated date ;)?

I spent mine on clearance stuff. It showed up like two days later. But I figure if I can get $110 worth of stuff for $11 plus shipping I will not have any problem paying for the Panda II out of my own pocket.

Soon :wink:

I really can’t wait!

And whatsup with all the coupons you guys are having!? did I mis anything :slight_smile: