The SDK package versioning for NETMF users

We are working on some changes to make SDK versioning, getting old SDKs…etc. easier for everyone. We started by naming the SDK with the year and the release number, like 2013 R1 for the one that is already out. The one coming this week will be 2013 R2.

The names used above now show on the support page

And from there, you can see the archive

finally, clicking on one of the SDKs will show you the complete release notes

Only the last link you need if you lock your design to a specific SDK. Those SDKs will be available at the same link for a very long time to assure you can get them in the future.

Finally, please note how there will be interm releases from now on and possible public beta. There maybe experience level for users to access the beta and the interm but the full release is available to all levels. So, “2013 R2 intem1” will come before “2013 R2”.

Feedback is always welcome.


@ Gus - Long needed improvement!!!

Thank you!

@ Gus - Will an update to the FEZ Config utility be coming with this new SDK as well?

Not clear to me what the difference is between beta and interim.

Does interim mean maintenance dot releases? If so, I would suggest following MS convention, and have R1-ServicePack 1. If not, how will SDK critical fixes be handled?


I agree. “Interim” doesn’t make sense to me. “2013 R1 Interim 1” should be “2012 R4 SP1” but even that doesn’t really follow the MS convention. “2012 Q4 R2” would perhaps follow the convention more closely since “SP” is usually a service pack to be installed on top of a major release.

Hi, I would probably replace this :
2013 R2 interim1" will come before “2013 R2” this will sound as if interim1 comes after R2
By this as we tend to read things from left to write…
2013 interim1 R2" will come before “2013 R2” and this will have a proper displacement.

Cheers on the improvements…


service pack comes after a release. Interm is a work towards the next release. Both are confusing in our case :slight_smile:

The idea is that we will be making frequent release but those are not available to everyone and there are couple major releases that will be available to everyone. We are trying to make things simpler for beginners but give advanced users more control.

Maybe we should reverse this so it is like service pack
2013 R1
2013 R1 Update1
2013 R1 Update2
2013 R2
2013 R2 Update1

The way it I now
2013 R1
2013 R2 Interm1
2013 R2 Interm2
2013 R2

Any more suggestions?

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Your wish is our command! We are working on the changes now.


@ Gus - Just a thought, reading your description of the interim release it sounded very much like the MIcrosoft CTP (Community Technology Preview) so maybe CTP instead of interim.

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We will keep it simple and just use updates.

@ Gus - does that mean no early previews of the upcoming release? Pity, I thought that was a nice idea.

The update of current release is the preview for next release. Same thing.

Not to be overly pedantic, but the word update, to me at least, would imply that this is an update to the current release that addresses some issue, I might want to take that update into production to address production issues.

While a preview is something that I would consider exactly that, a preview which I cannot use in production, but rather as a means to get early access to new feature and for GHI to get early feedback on those features.


We have that and we call it beta. It is okay to use update in production.