The scorpion pepper

I just ate the hottest pepper on earth! I can say it is frakin’ hot! An hour later and I am still sweating!

only hot, it looks scary

Scorpion pepper is my challenge to you all :wink:

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You are going to pay for it again - later. ;D

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its a baby one, so cute.

I have some Ghost Chilli plants in my garden, can’t wait for them to get big and pod up :slight_smile:

Check out videos in this guy’s channel.

@ Gus - I like me some peppers, but that’s probably too hot for me!

BTW - did you get lessons in posting photos from @ Gary? :wink:

@ Brett - Couldn’t hold myself - lmao!

@ Gus - Make a video of you trying it, otherwise it is not real!

You have been added to the list with @ Dave McLaughlin!

Sweet! I’m part of the elite! :wink:

@ devhammer - Just be sure to let me know when you place your next order.

@ Gus

Now that it has been more than 4-6 hours after the consumption, I need to ask “How are things” :smiley:

@ Rajesh - I think Gus took a day off. :smiley:

His next visit to the bathroom involved a grab bar and some wood to bite down on lol


Interesting link to the strengths of chili.

We get the birds eye ones here and they are well hot enough for my taste so I may just pass on this one Gus.

He’ll probably take along a few news papers to fan out the flames too :smiley:

Next test, with hot wings and a glass of margaritas! :slight_smile:

It is getting colder in Michigan and there is one way to keep me hot!

He is ALIVE! ;D

@ Gus - Being from Trinidad, I’m honored that you’ve tried our pepper. I too have tried it; and was physically ill the next day. Had a slight fever, and couldn’t stray too far from the John.

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Ah ha, so that’s where the name came from. :slight_smile:

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Being a Trini too, these peppers are crazy hot. My brother, father and mother though somehow manages them no problem. I guess that part of being a Trini was not imprinted on me.

But good on you for trying!