The Roulette Challenge

If you have a Roulette then you were issued a challenge by someone with one to beat their high score. They sent us a picture and if you accept then respond with your own pictures if you are brave enough and talented enough! :smiley:

I’m random enough ! I did get 37 shortly after but played the wheel too much to capture a shot and then hit 32 far too quickly :frowning: I’m also pretty chuffed to see someone else does the same as me and leave the screen protecting film on :slight_smile:

@ Brett - LOL, I will send him your picture with the simple sentence of “bring it on”.

Yay! I just got 4 on my E-Dice! :open_mouth:

@ Everyone - @ Architect just issued an E-Dice challenge of 4, step up to the plate if you dare. ;D

Not believable without a picture. :wink:

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@ ianlee74 - very good point, @ Architect, do you have proof?

Here you go!

@ Architect - lol

What is the highest level possible?

@ Mr. John Smith - I believe 99 but don’t quote me

Nope, it is 12. :wink:


@ Architect - that seems to be about my highest to, which is probably why my boys kick my butt in video games!

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I think we’ve crossed the streams here :slight_smile: 12 is the highest in e-dice, 99 is the highest in Roulette.

@ Brett - I still can only get around 12 either way 8)

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@ Brett - :wink: :wink: :wink:

So what’s to stop me from cheating by making another device that plays the game perfectly (since there are other .net devices laying around)? (hehehehe) ::slight_smile:

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@ Mr. John Smith - because you will not be able to sleep all night :slight_smile:

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