The robot kit is in the house!

The robot kit I ordered for my daughter arrived today. One thing I did not realize is how freaking complete the kit is. All the hardware is in nice little plastic boxes and the the tools are even included. Very nice.

Of course Dad just happened to throw a couple of Pandas, and a few other goodies in the box as well ;), too bad I’m going to be out of town next week and won’t have a chance to play with any of the new toys.


How old is your daughter?

I think 14?

So are you going to make her an account on TinyCLR? If so, I think she’d be our first female on the forums. ::slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what she turns out!

Great to hear that your daughter will get into electronics / robotics too!
Can’t wait to see what she / you will come up with! ;D

Quite a while ago I was showing her a BS2 and she got the biggest kick out of being able to spell her name by sending characters (specified in hex) out to the debug console. She has been begging for the robot for quite a while so we’ll see how she takes to it.

Cool! Keep us posted! 8)

Make sure you post some pictures of her building it!