The next big think is coming!

I am very happy to announce that the next big thing is coming!

Psss… don’t tell anyone, its size is not big at all.

Update: Look at post #10:


Wow big :slight_smile:

Details details!!!

Erg, I hate teasers. Now I’m going to be staring at that pic all day trying to figure it out.

Is this an 8 pin Arduino module?

YI man, its a gadgeteer Geordie module.

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It’s an “I” socket, so that’s probably a sensor of some kind! Maybe a Money Sensor?

Maybe it’s a ‘Very Large Object Detector’. It provides a simple output to tell you that the “Next big thing is coming”

This is the German coast guard … what are you thinking about?

Sorry, but I could not resist using that “next big thing” cliché. Let me introduce you a new Gadgeteer module - SimpleTemperature. All the information about it you can find here: PressRelease.pdf

Module will appear in Creations section very soon. Until then, feel free to make reservations if you are interested in buying because only 20 modules will be available. The next batch will be ready only after 3 weeks.

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If all creations where that carefully crafted, we would be in heaven! Where is the driver?

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Thank you. A lot of time went into putting it all together.
Driver is available. It will be distributed when this module gets accepted in Creation section.

Love the press release doc. @ Njbuch is right all us module makers should take a leaf out of your book on the documentation.

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@ iamin Do you intend to make a humidity only sensor as well (not sure if there is an ic that does that) or an improved version of the Temperature/Humidity module?

The link doesn’t work for me.

Works for me — takes me to a file hosting site for a PDF of iamin.

He could post it here if others are having problems.

khalilm, we have some other modules in our list that we would like to release. Humidity module is not in the list yet. However, it all depends on how well (or bad) this project will go.

ianlee74, sorry to hear it does not work for you. I can see that my hosted PDF file was downloaded 27 times at the moment. Does that page open at all for you? Do you get any error messages? I could try to find another host.

ianlee74, I would love to upload this PDF file here, but this forum does not allow to attach PDF files, only images are allowed.

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@ iamin In @ ianlee74’s defense, when I tried it, it gave me a Server overloaded error. In trying it again a bit later on it worked fine.

You could put the pdf in your Dropbox or Google Drive account and post the link for it as an alternative.

Can you expand on what the list of others you will try and release are?

When I tried from home tonight it worked. Nice documentation!

That link tried to download an exe to my machine which I stopped. The page does open to a PDF document for download but I don’t like when they download other files. Probably not your fault but wanted to make you aware of it.

Something like PC_Faster_Setup_Mini_i58