The next 2015 R2 SDK

We are nearing the release of the 2015 R2 SDK and we want to make sure we did not miss anything. Over all, the SDK seem very stable…We only had to fix few random issues. So thanks to everyone providing feedback and helping us in discovering and fixing any final issues.

Please remind us with any issues you may have with 2015 R1. We want to try our best to cover everything.


I know we won’t get it, but I still want it: [url][/url]

As for other things you could do/fix, you can look inside Task Tracker, Open and Proposed sections.

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@ iamin - my question is about any hidden bugs, not new features. But, your requested feature is not requested by many, and the votes show that. We can do this specifically for you through our paid consulting if interested.

I still can’t set ssl seed using fez config on the raptor (not tried on any other board)… I am sure I have reported it on the forum numerous times and to the task tracker… It works fine in mfdeploy…

Hopefully enc28 reliability has been improved.

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@ Gus - I would not consider vote counts as a very important indicator. The biggest votes count for one task was 25 votes. I am pretty sure it is a very very small number considered how many NETMF/Gadgeteer users there are. On the other hand, numerous tasks that had zero or 1 vote got approved and fixed in the past. So, vote count tells little if anything.

I do agree with you, you have asked about bugs and I have pointed out a feature. My mistake.

P. S. I still want to see that feature implemented :-[ And it is extremely easy to do if your not overcomplicate things on your side :slight_smile:

@ iamin - to be honest, if a feature (any feature) is not requested by majority (community and commercial customers) the feature is not added. In past instances when this happened, the customer paid us to add the feature they needed. So it is up to you to decide if this is worth spending money on.

Is there a list of already implemented changes for the R2 SDK somewhere? Are we going to see an Insiders beta?

I would think the ENC28 would be at the top of the list given the intense interest in this thread:

I have had similar problems with the Raptor and ENC28 and gave up and intend on using the Rasp PI when I need robust networking.

By the way, the above mentioned thread sure demonstrates how great NETMF is even if it points out the flaws.


@ ianlee74 - we will post a list and there will be a public beta since it is a stable beta.

@ ianlee74 - Not an exhaustive list and may still change:

[ul]Change the G400 TinyBooter to use the new G400 GHI Bootloader
Added a signed CDC driver
Fixed some rare crashes in FEZ Config
More improvements to CellularRadio
Added the DisplayNHVN driver
Added G400S and G400D to pins
Added a Gpio static class to EMX, G120, and G400 in pins
Added better support for SPI displays with widths and heights different from the N18
Added programmatic debug interface selection.
Improve some rare cases where the WiFiRS21 would lockup
Added CDC over USB to G30
Fixed some pins not restoring their state when returning from hibernate
Improved low power
Minor fixes to CAN
Fixed PPP not working with some modems
Removed GPIO functionality from the SPI bus shared with the flash on G120 and G400
Fixed Socket.Accept failing under high load
Fixed various configuration issues in TinyBooter[/ul]


New TinyBooters :clap:

I am very excited as well. G400 can now be updated easily once the GHI loader is loaded.

Tell us more about “Added programmatic debug interface selection”, please.

it is a fantastic feature :smiley:

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Wait for it, wait for it…

but there is one more thing…

Can we use this Feature to overcome the “no Debugger attached slowdown” effect, by switching to Serial when I detect there is no Debugger connected?
If I do so, is COM1 then unusable?

Awesome. Mine was in bad shape.

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - It requires a reset to take affect. If serial is selected, that COM port cannot be used by your application.

@ John - thanks for the list, I have a question about this one:

“Removed GPIO functionality from the SPI bus shared with the flash on G120 and G400”

On the G120, the SPI2 was the one shared for the memory. On the last pinout I have, there was no indication that there was GPIO at all and the pin description table stated no GPIO.
Can you clarify what does removing of GPIO implies?


@ Zan - The latest datasheets have already been updated to reflect the lack of GPIO. The firmware did not always prevent you from using GPIO on those pins anyways, so we fixed that.