The New Universal Compute Modules are Here!

The wait is finally over! After two years of research and development, GHI Electronics is excited to introduce the Universal Compute Module (UCM) Standard. This includes two product families equipped with full development options.

The new standard maps a standard set of peripherals to pins on a SO DIMM 200-format module. This adds a layer of abstraction to the hardware designs. You can now start designing a system without knowing what processor or memory you may ultimately need. The system will simply be a power supply and any required analog circuitry. All the complex digital circuitry will be hosted on the UCM.

The standard ships today with two product families: the UC5550 and UC2550 which are based on a Cortex-M7 and Cortex-M4 core respectively. With optional QSPI flash and Wi-Fi, these module families and their options will cover nearly every need. Additionally, modules can be further customized to fit your needs. Contact us to get started.

We did not just stop there! There are also development options to help in evaluating and developing with any UCM. With this universal standard, any UCM module will work on any of the development options.

As you would expect from GHI Electronics, we are where hardware meets software. To that end, we are bringing support for TinyCLR OS to these new UCMs. TinyCLR OS brings .NET to IoT and embedded devices. While this commercially-supported software is available and licensed for our products, you are free to run your own software.

Universal Compute Modules:
Development Options:


Finally! :slight_smile:

In case you have missed the tech talk about this

And do not forget to get a breakout board

… in stock at mouser


So then. Can we expect to see a module with a Octovo SIP on it? :smiley:


Mouser says delivery end of August for all of the new products (10 units of each on order…)

Mouser should have them in stock already. Maybe they are updating the website still.

It seems the dev board is missing on Mouser?

it seems the dev board (UCD-DEV-E) is not missing on Mouser

Found display, dev board and ucm on Mouser.
Ordered one of each but expected delivery is August.
The other item I have ordered (mikroe) has been shipped. So no yet on stock

No breakout board for you?

The SPWF04SA is marked as ‘NRND’. How long is ST going to keep the module available ?

We were assured it will be available but we are looking into multiple replacement options. This is what is great about using our modules, we upgrade parts as necessary. We for example have updated memory chips many times. Of course we update the software to accommodate the changes.

This looks intriguing in many ways. I have been considering the Raspberry Compute modules as well, and are now comparing the specs

Can you give the core value proposition for the GHI UCM standard in that context?

We have looked at the RPI module and it is extremely limited for most IoT/embedded application. The RPI is perfect for HDMI/WiFi applications, like a mini computer. But if you want to start wiring things, you will find yourself very limited on IOs and peripherals.


Thanks, that was along the lines of my conclusions. :slight_smile: I have also considered using

You mention the Octavo in the video, will be possible using their BeagleBone image maybe?

If they support beaglebone then the answer is simply yes. Still, it is Linux either way.

@Gus_Issa, unless we figure out how to port tinyclr to it :smiley:

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not at this stage. dev board will be perfect to start playing…