The NEW and Improved GHI Electronics Website

Good Afternoon,

Today, we are sharing with you a preview of the new and improved GHI Electronics website for your viewing pleasure. When looking at the site please provide feedback that you find relevant to the look, feel and function of the website. Please keep in mind that we are sill working on several tweaks, we are working on tweaks for mobile viewing, we are still adding products, etc. However, if you find something that should be improved please do not be shy and let us know.

Let your view pleasure commence in 10…9…8…7… oh click the link already…


The GHI Team


Looks like the services are expensive Gary. If you’re going to offer design services, then you’re going to need a portfolio.

If you’re going to do that image on the home page, then it needs to be photograph of a real module with the factory floor super imposed onto it. It doesn’t look like the work of an industry leader.

Don’t belittle your audience with phrases like state-of-the-art.

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Initial feedback after a cursory look over the site:

  • Generally good looking modern presentation. Wordpress on IIS?
  • Needs proof-reading, there are spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. I keep wanting to fix the mistakes as I read - “Ecosystem Pamters?”
  • Many sentences do not read well. They appear to have been written by someone who’s first language is not English,( or perhaps an engineer :smiley: ) (I have a lot of experience with both!) Needs going over by a good sub-editor.
  • The gray textbox in the middle of the home page is annoying. It looks like a popup that should have a button to get rid of it so you can see the nice image underneath, but it won’t shift.
  • As a customer I hate it when you are looking for an idea of price and are asked to “Request a Quote”. I always assume that they must be very expensive and just want my details so they can harass me, and move on. I bet you will lose a lot of potential clients this way. At least give people some idea of what it will cost to use your services. (And coming from the other side, as a supplier/consultant I do know how hard this can be!)

More feedback…

The site supports https on port 443, but doesn’t redirect from the non-secure http port 80 to the secure site.

The secure site has problems with its certificate, so Chrome doesn’t trust it.

Certificate error
There are issues with the site’s certificate chain (net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID).


Obsolete connection settings
The connection to this site uses a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and an obsolete cipher (AES_256_CBC with HMAC-SHA1).

Perhaps you should set up a LetsEncrypt certificate?

I recently secured our Internet facing web sites using haproxy in a Docker container. The haproxy is set up to handle encryption and certificate renewal for all internal sites, communications between the proxy and internal servers is unencrypted, the servers don’t need to contact LetEncrypt to validate or renew certificates. Working quite well so far.

Great feedback C.

I will look at the site when I come down out of the mountains and get some bandwidth.

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I like most of the site, but agree with @C_Born, because the initial landing page is so important for clients first impression, I also think the Grey square box throws you off, and conveys redundant info. But I think it was put there to make a ‘bing’ statement, but it does the opposite.
I think the photo of the factory should be on the site, but maybe in the About or Info pages, Some darker lower perspective shots with depth of field and some spot lights might be a better approach if someone there enjoys photography (pro photographers can be expensive!)
So I think that initial photo really needs to have some ‘WOW’ factor but also show off your products &/or services. Im thinking some close up Macro photos of boards, IC’s for the products side, the services side is a bit more difficult, but maybe some abstract photos showing equipment/processes/people?

I see the site is running on another domain, is this just for testing? PLEASE PLEASE don’t switch off the old site, as it still contains also of useful info on the legacy stuff, and it also helps to tell the story of GHI over the years, which also builds trust that you mention on the new site, so I think its important to keep it!, even if its off on a sub-domain…


It is a real module, its the Altium rendering of that module, if you can’t name the module, I will deactivate your account at midnight tonight. :slight_smile:

The problem with commercial work are those pesky NDAs from customers, but doesn’t 15+ years of products serve as the portfolio?

It is on this page, Did you see it here and are suggesting it goes some where else as well?

The domain will be switching to this site but the old site will still be available.

NDAs are pesky, but if you can’t name it, fake it. The module looks like the G400-D but the processor isn’t populated so I can’t fully tell.

Hmmm had a need to find some old info, but sadly all the Google links are invalid on the new site (I think your going to miss out on a lot of Google Juice Love there!).
Not much can be done there (unless someone builds some smart routing on the new site!?)
But how do we get to the old site now the domain has switch to the new server, can we have another url.
Maybe a link to it on in the ‘Legacy’ or in the ‘Longevity Promise’ section might keep a few more faces smiling and feeling good?


Good point. We need to add


That would be brilliant.
Lots of valuable stuff there, be sad to loose it all.
Any thoughts about how to save the Google links?
Any way of keeping /docs route?

Yep, I was trying to get some i2c questions answered using a Google search and got a page not found error.

As Murphy would have it, I needed access to the I2C support at the exact time the new website took over and before Gus posted the link to the old site. While I’m excited to see all the new, shiny stuff coming out as GHI 2.0 emerges, it would be a disaster for us if the support documentation on the old web site disappeared.

It would be incredibly useful for projects like mine with the same commitment to longevity that GHI has expressed if we could download a .pdf (or similar single document format) of the entire “Documents” section from

and the entire NETMF LIbraries API Reference from

And since I’m asking; the whole .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK from Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career

If there’s a slick way to do this in a reasonable amount of time, I’d be happy to do it but the only way I know how is to open each of the 100s of web pages in each of the links above, print each one out as a .pdf and build them all up into a single .pdf file and that is unrealistic.