The Most Dangerous Site Ever

…to my wallet, that is:

I don’t think I could bring myself to buy something there, for fear that I wouldn’t be able to stop…SO. MANY. BLINKIES!!! :open_mouth:


@ devhammer - too many things to choose from!

Just get them all and be done with it. ;D

@ Architect - if only I won the lottery…lol

Thanks. Got my foam light up mohawk and light up fluffy legwarmers (I have a couple job interviews coming up. Have to set myself apart.)

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Will they be ironic? :wink:

@ mtylerjr - Those leg warmers looks interesting. Maybe I should get me a pair for my Colorado ski retreat next week.

I was wondering why he was doing too many blinky things so I guess you just stumbled onto Justin’s new web venture site.


Job interview is today (20 minutes) and no leg warmers have arrived. Oh well.

It’s a skype interview anyway. I have tons of gadgeteer stuff discretely placed in the background