The lunch of champions!

the picture says it all

The food of brain-killing!

@ devhammer - don’t come in here and rain on my parade Mr. Devhammer! :naughty:

So, is that your first lunch, or second? :wink:

Feed it to the sad lonely fish!..

For the record my second, my first lunch was some tacos from Pancheros and no one better show this to my doctor!

@ Gary - If you got rid of the carbs, you wouldn’t have cravings for a second lunch. Just sayin’…

Since we’re playing with our food today… :smiley:


@ ianlee74 - did you get the extra “hot” hotwings?

@ ianlee74 - I am going to use this image lol

Actually, these were very mild “dry rubbed” & smoked wings. DELICIOUS and freakin’ easy to gobble down!

Logo for the new FEZ Chicken Bones module? :smiley:

What exactly is a “Fun size” :think:

lol…that is funny, I didn’t even notice that, it is about a 2 inch mini-candy bar

It’s technically a marketing ploy for manufacturers to make parents think it’s better to give kids this because it’s “fun”. It’s not “snack” size which is usually ~1" in an individual wrapper, ideally suited to be sent in lunchboxes - when I was a boy it was apples all round !

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -
What exactly is a “Fun size”

A 12 OZ bag.

Small enough to shove it in your mouth before your kids get hold of it… and then watch their expressions as you chew away.
Not that I would do that of course :whistle:

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