The Justin Plan

Knowing that @ Justin can’t resist blinkies we have created a diversion Gadgeteer device running some of his blinkie modules (with 4.3 of course), complete with suitable music. This should draw him out into the open where the dark suits will take it from there.

Some of Justin's Blinkie Modules - YouTube


nicely done. On the music - good choice Bro. Justin will approve.

@ Duke Nukem - Good job!

Reminds me that I’d love to find a camera capable of recording blinkies without being overwhelmed. Probably not at any price range I’d find affordable, but it’s frustrating to try to properly record a blinky demo…

@ devhammer - No kidding, if anyone know of such a camera please let me know. To make this video even harder I had some of the brightnesses randomly generated which really tortured my camera.

@ Duke - very cool! So, is the music actually a part of the project? There seems to be some interaction but I don’t see any modules that would integrate it.

I suspect that there is a lens filter that would help with the glare. Alternatively, it would make it even cooler if you used something like a starburst or fireworks filter.

@ ianlee74 - Writing a 4.3 driver for @ Justin’s Spectrum Analyzer module is on my to do list but a ways down the list unfortunately, so everything was on a timer for this project as I wanted to show off some of features like the rotate, slide, cylon mode, etc of his modules.

With a little luck @ Justin might beat me to updating that and his other modules, just depends how fast we get him to a safe house in England. The last time we tried to sneak someone out of New Zealand his huge lard butt prevented us from getting enough altitude to get away as New Zealand has the only air force I’ve ever seen where all their guys are afraid of heights so they excel at terrain hugging (their old A4 guys were totally nuts as I don’t think any of those guys ever got higher then about 50 feet with the peddle to the metal, they reminded me of some of the French loons in Chad as those guys are just plain suicidal). We don’t see Justin as having this problem so we should easily be able to gain enough altitude to escape.

@ Duke - you worry me sometime… :smiley: