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The image said it all!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Another creative idea from Sam :slight_smile:

Happy thanksgiving to you and everyone in this great and quickly-growing community.


Happy thanksgiving all! :dance:


couple hours and the turkey will be in my stomach.


Meh, I don’t eat turkey. Pizza it is for tonight!


Pizza is good too! I still have a space for some :smiley:


Looks like these guys had a great thanksgiving. :slight_smile:


Hari, thanks for that video. My quadcopter will be very similar to the one in the video (same motors, ESCs, and props). That gives me a very extreme example of the kinds of payloads it will be capable of handing.

As for dropping stuff from the sky, my flight school hosted an event where pumpkins were dropped…

As much as I like the quadcopter, B-25 > Quadcopter.

You need to watch the video in fullscreen to really see anything.

Pepperoni pizza from the Olive Garden was good. I have always thought that turkey is bland. Even the smell of it makes me want to gag…