The Holy board

Thanks to Ian for the great idea and his approval for us copying it, the new holy board is full of holes to mount your modules. It is made to fit perfectly inside the plastic box we shipb kits in.

We hope you will like it.


5mm hole pitch?

@ andre.m - And where is the Gadgeteer definition? It’s not on the product page.

Apparently the Cobra II boards are not on 5mm hole pitch, so the holy board probably won’t work with them.

Cobra is made for the polycase enclosure as far as the holes go.

I think it should be called:

“The holy board carrier”

What do you think?

@ andre.m - Do you require customers to have read the builder’s specs in order to know or guess what is in the product shown on screen?

Seems like adding some text to the product description would be easier and more direct.

“Holes are on a 5mm grid, compatible with all Gadgeteer modules and most GHI mainboards except Cobra II”

holy for the unlimited holes :open_mouth:


@ Gus - Thanks for incorporating feedback!

@ dthorpe - thanks for the feedback

Thank you!
Were looking all morning at Tamiya Universal Plate, but I like the “Holy” color better :slight_smile:

Just added my new Holy Board into shopping cart.

Thanks to the feedback we got from some important community members, we went back to the PCB manufacture and asked for a better price. This allowed us to change the price to $7.95.

If you have placed an order already, do not worry, we will refund the difference.

So now you guys have two reasons to buy the holy board! It is awesome and it is lower cost.

I thought it was made from acrylic for some reason. Now that I see the silkscreen it makes sense that it is a PCB.

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@ Lynn Zeng

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:(,so what should i do ,next . this is my first time no join in the GHI ELECTRONICS

@ Lynn Zeng - Dont make your first few posts about selling your products would be a good start :wink:

Yes! No more Tamiya boards!

I hope it won’t take months for it to appear on Mouser.

@ Justin -
:clap:thank you , i will keep it in mind .