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Ok… I liked it… A place I worked once repaired 1000’s of 8 inch drives. In fact I built a test fixture that would test 16 drives at a time.
What a laugh… It actually did a pretty good job of it.

@ willgeorge - brings back some memories…
Would be interesting to see how many on here are still wet behind the ears and never seen or used said floppies (or as the Aussies say Stiffies)

Stiffies Never heard that usage.

Good read! I remeber loading Borland C++ (the one with OWL 2.0) from something like 30+ floppies. Fun.

@ willgeorge - The Aussies are a strange breed, but i have to give it to them on the 3.5 stiffie as they aren’t floppy… :smiley:

@ Justin - “I don’t think that word means what you think it means” … a word of caution, that word has a very different meaning across the pond.

@ mhectorgato - I would imagine it means the same the world over…as i said the Aussies are a strange breed :slight_smile:

(storage, jargon) stiffy - (University of Lowell, Massachusetts) A 3.5-inch microfloppy, so called because their jackets are more rigid than those of the 5.25-inch and the (obsolete) 8-inch floppy disk. Elsewhere this might be called a “firmy”.

See it has more than one meaning :wink:

In these parts of the world, it has an off-colour (Aussie/Kiwi/UK compatible spelling :D) meaning.

@ mhectorgato - Also means that down under as well…(duel meaning in Aussie)

Just spilled my coffee!!!

Articles like these bring back memories of simpler days of playing frogger and paratrooper, and c# bugs and SharePoint issues were nothing but science fiction.