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The first FEZ Cobra project is online


Wow! We didn’t expect this to happen so quick but the first FEZ Cobra project made by Matt is already online, thanks Matt. Also, Chris, who is the only other person on this planet to have FEZ Cobra, has done a lot of great things that he had showed through emails.

4 more FEZ Cobras went out today to 4 more winners. So, there is only 6 people on this planet with FEZ Cobra. The best part is that they got them for free and didn’t even pay shipping! This is how we show our appreciation to FEZ lovers…more gifts and and contest are on the way too.
(Do not forget about the current contest

Here is the project (link removed)


Hi All,
Just a note, the source isn’t up there yet, but will be soon. I like to do just a little cleaning before posting (don’t want to kill my reputation with dirty code:)).


PS> I should also say that I really do appreciate the opportunity to test a cobra. Chimp is totally correct, I didn’t have to pay anything for this. It simply showed up at my doorstep. Companies who give this much attention to hobbyists when it’s their OEMs that pay the rent are very special indeed. Thanks again GHI!


Exactly :smiley: