The Ethernet Web Server Sketch Example: Forwarding Spider IP Address

My Spider IP address is higher than my Subnet Mask and I can’t change the later. How can I forward this IP address through my router then as adviced in the Getting started with .Net Gadgeteer?
Is there another way to be able to reach my Web Server form outside my own home network?
If I want to put the Web Server info on a website with statice IP how can I do that?

Thank you

How is the spider getting its IP address? Are you not setting it manually - or is it DHCP?
Can you provide a basic network topology diagram?
(ISP)—(cable modem 24.X.x.x)----(dlink w5000 WAN port, WiFi N, Etc

Once on the private network (192.168.x.y, or 172.17…, or 10.x.x.x) you can setup your router for either port forwarding or web dmz to the spiders private address - but there are security concerns with both.

You should be able to set the Spider to whatever IP address you need, either static or DHCP. In addition to what Dr9 recommended take a look at the sample code for the J11D module, assuming that is what you are using for the ethernet connection.