The e-dice low power

We have just learned more about low power on the LPC chips used on the outrageous circuits boards. Looks like we need to add couple resistors on the wake pin and reset pin. This means we will have to wait for few more weeks before the boards are ready to ship.

When the micro is in deep power down, it draws less than 1uA, which is AWESOME!

By the way, when I saw the board, I was very surprised as it is much smaller than what the website images show! I think we should put the board next to a pencil and a coin as a reference to how small it is!


@ Gus - it seems like low power is high on the priority list there at the moment. This is brilliant news.

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My words exactly!

This means functionality is going to be in the next SDK and usable with some hardware adjustments on existing boards?

For existing Netmf boards I have noted the following over the last couple of weeks:-

1). New G120 manual :-

[quote]The G120 Module automatically goes into a lower power mode whenever it is not actively
executing code, like when waiting for an event… This feature is under current development[/quote]
2).Adding SD card powersave feature :-

3).Hibernate deepsleep and RTC wakeup:-

I would guess that the synergies developing the mBed stuff for OC has been part of this. As these are using NXP LPC uControllers I guess the G120 is where the benefits will be seen first.

Looking forward to seeing these features on the G120 module and Cobra II boards.