The dawn of the Embedded devices explosion

I think we’re on the cusp of an embedded explosion. I thought of this idea to have a wifi kitchen barcode scanner about 5 years ago, but decided to focus on other things. Then a kickstarter showed up and now this: Amazon Fresh Groceries

This is the perfect example of how these things will be everywhere.

Another thing that piques my interest is their “easy wifi setup” on a device with no UI. Lately, I’ve been thinking Bluetooth or USB client for passing wifi credentials. Although this could be WPS.

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I like it. Wish I had that for my country.

@ Valkyrie-MT - Hmm. I guess you need to be a real hardcore amazon buyer to have a dedicated device for that. :slight_smile:

Still interesting.

That is cool. I wonder if they will deliver your groceries by drone :think:

Haha, never in a million years would I hand my shopping list over to Amazon. Or Google, MS, Facebook, or any other corporation who would promptly sell it to whoever paid them the most money.

Heck ya drones are going to be delivering your stuff soon.

As for the dawn of embedded devices, I’ve been thinking about this IoT thing and really its just the natural evolution of what I call NoT (Network of Things) as that has been around forever (think SCADA systems for example). Not that I think IoT is bad, as I think its desperately needed, but in IT we have a tendency to slap a new name on something old and call it innovation.