The bra is a huge market for Devices?!?!?!

Apparently the bra is a hot area for devices, be it for supporting causes ( ), stopping stress eating ( Microsoft researchers build 'smart bra' to stop women's stress eating • The Register ) and now the chastity bra ( The chastity bra that only opens when you find true love – or so they say | Design | The Guardian ) that only the Japanese could come up with.

Just in time for valentine’s day.


it is probably just about adapt to the body …
and install an update daily :wink:

The chastity bra… ROTFL!!! :smiley: The video was hilarious.

@ Duke Nukem - Actually, it does not end there. 2 weeks ago on one of the popular morning shows they were discussing a new line of men and womens underwear that is filled with motors and actuators that mimic movements and touches from your special someone while they are wearing the glove paired to your undies.

Only the Japanese, the video has over 3 million hits

reminds me of the brainwave cat ears

or the brainwave tail

millions of hits each

Did your spelling corrector change these words by any chance? :smiley:

Maybe, as a cognitive psychologist I often have questions as to what purpose that young women (or often young girls) have for wearing such things, so perhaps ‘hits’ is a freudian slip as to my true suspicions behind the desire for such devices. As a cultural anthropology I find the Japanese to be exceptional interesting as its a cultural full of conflicts and contradictions, but as a geek I appreciate their willingness to embrace technology in whatever funky form. I should also mention that I have a NeuroSky MindWave device, interesting device with lots of interesting potential, but its most successful marketable devices thus far have been ears and tails and then to think they are taking the tail thing to a social app level, again only the Japanese (use of a technology to solve a cultural issue).

Hillarious! However, I can really appreciate the fact that the bra doesn’t give the woman a choice. If she’s feelin’ it the bra just pops off and everyone knows its party time! :smiley:

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@ ianlee74 - lol… I didn’t even think about that… could you imagine there is a room of women with these bras and all of a sudden, a hot guy comes in and then you start to see a chain reaction of chests starting to become active because the bras are going crazy under their shirts. It would almost be like a bunch of alien chest bursters. :open_mouth:

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@ Aron - been there before… :whistle:

:open_mouth: explain please :wink:

@ David@ Emrol - Every time I enter a room, this problem occurs. :-[

Things like only happen when your name in RL is George something and you make commercials for nespresso :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, that has not been my experience. I guess it is a personal thing? ::slight_smile:

So this means you already build some prototypes and spread it in the wild :whistle:

‘Bras’, ‘wild’ and some other words in there, thats the kind of prototype I’d like to make

Could be a real ego kicker however if you walked into the room and nothing happen, or worse when only the bra on the 90 year old granny popped off.