The Art of Electronics

For anyone seriously interested in really learning and understanding both analog and digital electronics, I’d like to strongly recommend the most recent 3rd edition of The Art of Electronics.

The second edition is still superb and became legendary among professionals and hobbyists alike, the much anticipated 3rd edition was published recently and is a stunner, really there is no better book you can have around if you’re doing anything with interfacing or Gadgeteer.

I can’t over stress how immensely helpful this book is and is starts at an elementary level but proceeds to pretty advanced area like active filters and low noise design etc.

I’d be a little surprised even if there isn’t at least one copy floating around GHI’s offices…


I got this from Amazon as soon as it was published. I have been working in this industry for years but this book is a really handy reference for when the brain cells have not been used for some time on some subjects. It’s not a read from start to finish type book so a printed copy is the best option. I tend to read up on something that grabs my curiosity to refresh my mind on a subject. It’s not cheap but it’s invaluable if you are really into electronics of any kind.

printed copy huh.

Hard to get in AU, will have to wait until I can find it in a bookstore in my next US trip (when hopefully the AU$/US$ won’t burn me as much as it is right now :frowning: My GHI habit is being curtailed :frowning: )

Hey Brett, what about this site? It says in stock and 15% off too.

PS… Sorry if this causes you to spend more money. :slight_smile:

he says it but he doesn’t mean it.

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@ Dave, book has arrived - took me until last week to remember to order it :slight_smile: .
You in town yet for the race this weekend ?

Same here… In the Netherlands i got it at BOL.COM

$15 for paperback and $100+ for hardback?

Is it really worth it to have hardback?

Is there an ebook version for this ?

@ .Peter. - I have been looking for this too before, but i haven’t found it so far.

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@ Rob - Ah, never mind, I’ll the paper work at A company. Nice bed time reading …

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Damn, I missed this message as I wasn’t checking into the forum whilst I was over. Decided to be PC free for the trip. Now back in Jakarta as of tonight.

The race week and weekend was superb. Great weather up until Sat just in time for the qualifying and top 10 shoot out. Rain didn’t stop me from sitting at the race track all day on the Sunday from 8am until it finished. Got a bit wet mid race but worth it. :slight_smile:

2nd Edition


@ Architect - Thank you very much :clap:

It is not the latest edition though … but definately less cumbersome to carry around …

Glad to hear you enjoyed the week. Don’t know where you were on Friday or Saturday when the slight incidents bought some action to screens, but wow they looked pretty hairy, especially Saturday as I’ve never seen the skin come off a car so fast!

We were sitting at McPhillamy Park when Chaz hit the wall. We saw it on the big screen TV across from us. That was a serious crash. Seems that data logger download shows the impact at 50G. The in car shots of his leg breaking still bring a shiver to my back.

For the Aussie Race Cars crash we were in the paddock area but I saw the replay later. Scary.

During the race, Whincup went off twice in front us into the sand trap and Tander did the same and hit the wall. Pretty impressive he managed to finish 3rd after that.