The almost Tiniest Board


Hey Peter, great to see Nano on a board. What are the specs on that good looking board? I know I should know what Ox is, but I have slept since I knew before :slight_smile:

Tell the rest of the gang who don’t know about NF what’s up.

Hi Terrence,

The board, the grandfather of the Electron and made of course by our beloved @Justin, is 35x20 mm in size and is based upon an STM32F411CEU6 MCU with:

2 x serial, of which one with hardshake
5 x analog input
2 x SPI
6 x PWM
1 x I2C
1 x Not defined pin
User LED

Is capable of piggy bagging all kinds of add-on boards, like one for ESP8266, BLE, and more, but one at a time. You can look here for, rosty, but more details.

For more details about the nanoFramework, it’s an active open source spin off of netmf. Further details can be found on the landing zone

Nice nano board, it is possible to make the same on PIC32?

@Hanos: if it has flash and ram enough I wouldn’t know why not, you ‘only’ need to port Netmf to PIC32 … but if you only want an LED to blink and play with an I2C driven 7-Segment display, you really do not need netmf and friends for that.