The Accessories Repo

This is the new home for the official TinyCLR OS accessories repo

These accessories we plan on testing as part of the build release process, so you know they always work and are always up to date,

All accessories are shields, meaning they will simply plug on top of your FEZ, or any other Arduino-pinout compatible board, like netduino, FEZ Panda…etc. We also have docs for this

All in progress, and feedback is welcome.


Did I miss it in the past, or is this the first time the FEZ has been seen in the wild?

First time that I’ve seen anything about it. I must have been out back somewhere.

The docs were finished before we got the FEZ announcement :grinning:


Generally (not GHI but very general), it’s the opposite … but I prefer this ! :heart_eyes:

That said, I use repo to add a PR for a driver (I hope I do correctly the PR).