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The 500 USD coupon winner


First of all, we thank all participants. The projects are really exciting.Even though FEZ is only couple months old and users are still FEZ beginners, we have seen some amazing work.

The winner of the contest is Foekie for his awesome page and awesome robot. (link removed)
We are ready to send you some new toys. 500 USD will really get you everything you want from this website! Remember that you have one month to place your order. Please email us directly with what you need.

We didn’t want to stop there. We are adding more experience points to the second place and third place. These points will come very handy in near future :wink:

Second place: Jeff Bert for his cable tester project (link removed)
You have received 500 experience points. Congratulations on becoming a Senior Member.

Third place: Bec a Fuel for his Phidgets project
(link removed)
You have received 250 experience points


Congrats guys!


Congrats guys.


Congrats to all the contestants.

@ Chris - I was searching for your entry - where is it ?

@ Robert - let me know if you want some one to help you finish that $$$ :smiley: - just kidding

Have fun !


Rajesh, mine is the first one there. The temperature tracker/motion detector.


I see it - I think the Wiki should make the contributor name visible (may be I missed it ).


I used the history page to see the name of the person making changes to determine who is the project owner :wink:


Wooo Hooo! I feel so old now that I’m a senior :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of the experience/bonus points as a way to engage the user community. That was a very clever idea.


I have not had anything to eat in a day. Can anyone spare a few experience points? I promise I won’t spend them on booze.


Congratulations to the first two ones ! :slight_smile:

Foekie seems to be used to win. Are we condemned to be content with the crumbs ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow… just WOW…

I have no idea what to say… I feel very very honored to be the winner of such a contest. There were some awesome projects around from very very good developers.

To see that my project made it to the final round, and even won this contest, makes me feel like putting even more time and effort into this site, this products, and this awesome community!

Thanks a lot for all your support!
In my opinion, you all are the winners! :wink:


p.s. I have to go to germany for 4 days now, have to do some work there.
It might be that I do not have access to the internet.

Got 4 days to think of cool stuff I would like to have :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Huge Congrats Robert !!

And again, a huge sign of the faith and commitment that GHI put towards the community - well done !


Which email address should I use to place my order?
I have to admit that $500 is a lot of money and it cost me some thinking on what I want,haha.



Use the GHI general email ghielec@ ghi…


Just sent the email :slight_smile:

please send me a response if you recieved it, Gus. :slight_smile:

For who would like to know, here is the list:

Component Shield 1 - $19,95

WiFi Extension 1 - $99,95

GPS Extension 1 - $71,95

Accelerometer Extension 1 - $28,95

RFID Reader 1 - $42,95

Relay x16 Board 1 - $63,95

Wii Controller Interface1 - $16,95

Variable Resistor 2 - $13,9

Reflective Sensor 2 - $25,9

Thermometer 2 - $25,9

Distance Detector 2 - $25,9

Small Breadboard 1 - $4,99

JST3AA 3-pin Connector 6 - $6

shipping: $52,67

which comes to a total of $499,91.

Pretty neat, huh?!
Can’t wait till the package arrives!

Thanks again!


I do not handle orders but the guys will take care of you :wink:

Congratulations again ;D


Wow, I missed the whole deal, Foekie, you’ve got a boat load of parts to play with…


[quote]I do not handle orders but the guys will take care of you

Congratulations again [/quote]

Ok! thanks again!

[quote]Wow, I missed the whole deal, Foekie, you’ve got a boat load of parts to play with…

haha thanks! Can’t wait till the “fun package” arrives :o


Your package total cost was over 500 USD but we still included everything you wanted :smiley:

have fun