The 21 Bitcoin Computer

I stumbled across this on Amazon and just had to share. Please, don’t everyone hit “Buy” at once. You might bring down Amazon. Next they’ll be selling perpetual motion machines. :smiley:

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Probably will need two in order to have a backup.

@ ianlee74 - Looks like FPGA hat.

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As I understood things (from a few months ago), unless you have a supply of free electricity, the return on investment on all of these devices was less than the cost of the electricity to run them, and that only huge compute arrays that were buying power in bulk managed to eek out any real profit anymore (aside from speculators).

That’s what I was getting at based on their promise of…

From what I hear talking to my friends that used to mine, even if you buy an ASIC miner it still takes entirely too long to mine a coin anymore. I seriously doubt you’ll mine anything with this fast enough to provide a “constant stream” of bitcoin to satisfy your digital goods habit.

Bitcoin hardware manufacturers make more money than the miners that use their hardware.

It says bitcoin, so people will buy it, and therefore become the next block(head)s in the bitcoin (fool)chain.

Not that I’m down on bitcoin completely; it’s an interesting technology and social experiment, but I personally wouldn’t sell everything I own and turn it all into bitcoins.

bitcoins == DunningKrugerrands :smiley:

And as a side note, I own (and I currently forward it to the main bitcoin website)

It’s a little psychological inside joke of mine :smiley:

Reminds me of the people selling real-estate seminars on late-night-tv (insomniacs must be extra gullible). The real gold is (was) in those courses, and not in the mob of people all competing for the same flippable properties.

All comes down to the same question : “If it is so profitable, why are you giving away the keys to this fabulous money machine?”

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@ mcalsyn - Exactly

You’d be competing against this : StackPath

250kW/rack, immersion cooled, ASIC-driven mining. Not currently available as a Pi Hat.