Thanks to ransomhall

Just got a bunch ot WS2803’s and a swag of 5050 RGB’s in the post so out with the solder iron and the bread board for a wee test.
Could only fit 15 5mm LED’s as a test on the board - Nicked a copy of ransomhall’s WS2081 driver from codeshare (cheers big fella) and hey presto - it actually worked first time!!

So it’s Eagle time to lay up the 5050’s to create the “Gadgeteer Disco Stick ™” mhawwww

Your welcome!! Glad that code is still getting some use. I use a small strip with a Panda as my event geek badge, seen here ( N04/7048851199/) while demoing my son’s own creation - a Hall Effect sensor activate LED circuit. It will run for several hours on 4 AA batteries stashed in the lab coat. BTW - the smart guy that invented that sensor is not an (known) ancestor.

What does the 2803 have over the 2801?

Gonna bust out that costume for our local mini maker faire this weekend, and have gone with a black coat and theme this time…

@ ransomhall - Classic badge :smiley:

The 2803 has 18 outputs so will drive 6 RGB’s in a 28 pin package

Yeah we need those for the holidays