Thanks .NET MF

Thanks .NET MF and many good guys here, I can proof my idea and concept within two weeks.
I use FAZ Domino and Spider to demo a project to my team in my company today.
They all feel amazing.
What I am concerned is the cost. Is it possible the cost of FEZ can be lower than 30 USD or even lower?
It can reduce the cost of our final product.

Congrats! Is FEZ Ant sufficient to control your project? Also, Gus has 5 new boards about to be unleashed. Really hoping for something in that range :slight_smile:

The processors we use are always top and best so it is not easy to make things cheap. Also, what volume are we looking at. Give GHI a call and we can help for sure.

I am glad you are enjoying your FEZes :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to produce your own boards, and simply source the USBizi from GHI, you could certainly hit a much lower price target than $30/board, especially in large quantities.