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Tgim 2


I forgot to mention Mr DHL had a few more boards :slight_smile:


What is this one?


A mini mainboard with XBee and crypto support? A sorta Cerb40, but not 40 and not Cerb.

let the record reflect that I guess XBee where there was only 1 image :wink: Though my first guess was that he was making his own stacking format.


Justin and I cooperate to create this for my project. Thank you Justin, you are so amazing.


und master of none

@ mhectorgato - or a Blue Bee :slight_smile:

And dont for get the little black square top right :slight_smile:


@ Tzu Hsuan - Yr most welcome


is that Bluetooth chip in the upper right corner?! I see Bluetooth on the back but what is the small chip in the front?


@ Gus - 2 different boards.

Top right on first board is a MPU-9150

Second board is a Bluetooth Smart in xBee form factor.


Excuse my language but freakin’ awesome! :slight_smile:


FEZ Imu ® :whistle:


By the way that it is a DZ socket, is this wireless programming module? :wink:


programming and RTC battery, i will let Tzu explain why it was born when he is ready :slight_smile:


Are these going to be available for purchase? These are perfect for my shop automation project that I will actually implement some day…


yes, once Tzu has as many as he needs then the rest are up for grabs…


Getting in line…


Me too… I knew Justin was planing an IMU and this looks pretty sweet!!


As was I, however I was expecting it to be octagonal shaped.

Is that still to come?


Project Firefly is still coming :wink: