Running out of S sockets?

4 into 1 SPI Hub - maps the CS pin onto pins 3,4,5 and 6

Cheap as chips and twice as tasty :slight_smile:

*existing SPI drivers need a 1 line change…


A must have module! Good job!

I think this will be perfect in 4.3. Talk to Microsoft about your module :wink:

I will on Monday and stick one in Steve’s hand with a few hints :wink:

Now that is pure genius! As usual another Friday triumph J.
Top notch vid too :wink:

Nice one!

How much?

Very nice indeed.


Sweet a 4 for 1 socket upgrade for less then $7, incredible. The Octopus look good driving all of those. Excellent choice of music too :slight_smile:

Justin I have to say that your ‘TGIF’ modules are becoming a highlight of my favorite day of the week and its incredible the number of cool modules that you have been churning out, thanks.


@ Duke Nukem - now if only there was a store we could easily order them from :whistle:


Love it!

Where’d you get that mounting board?

@ Duke Nukem - cheers fella

yeah yeah

@ jeffvan - google Tamiya universal mounting plate

@ Justin: found it. Thanks!