TGIF - RGB Madness

Don’t let anyone tell you you cant have enough LED’s :slight_smile:

WS2811 module for easily connecting string’s of WS2811 LED strips and external power.

Module includes reverse protection diode so the strip doesn’t get cooked if you wire it backwards and an AND gate to make it shareable on S.


RGB Pixels, 16 millions colours of LED goodnes, Chainable and shareable on S


Did i mention you cant have enough RGB LED’s :whistle:


Very cool! I agree leds are always welcome!

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Your a module making machine and one of my favor things about Friday, I don’t know how you do it, but keep on doing it.

Questions, where can I get a string of those LED’s and what do I need to drive them besides your cool module?

its oficial, Friday is my favorite day!! @ justin - Nice one fella

@ Architect, @ Gus, @ HughB - thanks chaps.

@ Duke Nukem - thanks…

As it sooooo happens i have some 4m waterproof jobbies for $100
As for power, i use a converted PC power supply but something like this should do the job nicely…

Two more nice ones! Is there no bottom to your bucket of LEDs? :wink:

I’ve a few other ideas… :whistle:

I know i wont :wink:


Nice work :slight_smile:

@ Justin,

It is probably a good thing we never bumped into each other. With both our fondness for RGB leds you know we would have done something totally whacky and lit the whole town up in a RGB blaze


It’s like bringing Kowloon to your cubicle!

My question is the same as Duke.
Only need a 5V power + LED string +your module then I can do what you do in the vedio?

Very cool thinkgs can used for propose marriage, ha.

@ Tzu Hsuan - correct, and if you are going to do a marriage proposal we must have video :smiley:

mega bonus points using Gadgeteer for that!

Ha, just pop an idea after seeing your vedio.
First is using gadgeteer to finish my second master degree this summer. Then wil be the marriage proposal.
Keep working …

Can you provide details about the LED strips you are offering via your non-existent Web store?

@ mhectorgato - if i had a webstore i guess they would be these…

1.Model: 5050RGB WS2811
2.Input voltage: DC5V
3.Current: 11.5A
4.Led Qty: 60per SMD 5050 meter
5.Wave length(NM):R-650mcd, G-520mcd,B-460mcd
7.Signal: WS2811 chip
8.View angle:120 degree
9.Life span:no less than 50000hrs
11.Packaging:4M/reel in antistatic bag
12.waterproof in silicon tube

@ Justin - thanks