TGIF - Nano

As @ Brett has so rightly pointed out…Its Friday already downunder…

It’s been awhile so here is some new Gadgeteer candy for TGIF 2016

Nano - the worlds smallest .Net Gadgeteer main board?
168mhz STM32F405
1mb Flash
192kb ram
8mb external flash - 7mb for the user and the top 1mb for IFU
4 Gadgeteer sockets

[ol]PSU Y

Both 4.3 and 4.4 support

And a coupla LED’s


you forgot to show that code working :slight_smile: I call Smoke and Mirrors.

Nice Photoshop dude.

There’s some silk missing…

How do we place an order? You ever get that website up & running? :smiley:


@ Justin - Nicely done and cool stuff !!!

@ Justin - Does that compare to a G30 or G80 or Cerberus?

@ njbuch - Same as Cerberus

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… less sockets but a bit more flash though :dance:

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Still closed… you know that song from the Wizard of Oz… “somewhere, over a rainbow…”

… I think I know where the end of the rainbow is … Lucky me :whistle:

I still think you’re missing the end of the rainbow in that shot, so suspect you don’t know where the end of the rainbow is… :wink: You may know the right words to hassle Justin with though :slight_smile: :smiley: .

@ Brett - You think too much … :smiley:

… and it’s better not to bite the hand that feeds one …

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