TGIF - Mounting Plate

Nothing overly exciting this week - at least it’s practical :wink:

150x100x1.6mm mounting plates - 3mm holes on a 5mm grid


To keep you all amused i created a wee video showing Pc to Gadgeteer comms using a RF Pipe module connected to the PC sending colour data from a Win app to the blinkies running on the Cerb.

The disturbing sound track is a remix of a classic British 70’s kiddies telly programme :whistle:


Not laughed so much in ages :wink:

This video may go viral :wink:

@ jasuk70 - i assume you have seen the Rainbow spoof :wink:

No, but I’ve seen the program when it originally aired and re-watched some of them as an adult and I’ve never heard that spoof song before :wink:


Sexy board! Hilarious tunes. Another great one. Keep it up!

@ jasuk70 - read your email :wink:

Will do when I’m not in the office :wink: